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Zodiac prepares emerging young artists for a career in music.

The Zodiac Music Festival and Academy  elevates the careers of composers, pianists, and instrumentalists by providing unique personalized training to make the transition from their educational preparation to professional careers. The summer festival  program is an experience unavailable at universities and conservatories and is considered just as important as a degree program. As artists, we rely on unique musical experiences in our formative years to inspire, guide, and shape our professional artistic careers. At the Zodiac Music Academy and Festival, we aim to be that milestone experience for emerging young artists to help them foster relationships and grow as individuals. Over the past five years, we have been inspired by student testimonies confirming Zodiac’s impact on their lives - a career-reaffirming, benchmark experience that help them grow personally and as artists.

Zodiac connects young musicians with world class faculty.

Our international faculty perform on the world’s leading stages, have studied at the best conservatories, and have dedicated their lives to music. With such busy schedules, it is often hard for students to interact and truly connect with leading performers and mentors from their respective fields. At Zodiac, we provide an informal and personal setting, which allows students the unique opportunity to interact with faculty directly, as peers. By blurring the student/faculty divide, Zodiac helps young artists develop their voices in a uniquely personal setting, where students and professors share meals, perform together and become inspired by one another.

Zodiac attracts the most-promising musicians.

Zodiac auditions a large number of young musicians through a rigorous audition process, selecting some of the top talent of the new generation. This ensures that your donor support will goes to musicians with the highest potential. Donors value the future contributions of these artists to the cultural life in their local communities, and derive personal satisfaction from giving young people a chance to pursue their dreams.


Zodiac connects musicians from across the world.

More than 200 musicians have attended Zodiac in the last five years. Coming from across the  United States, Canada, and other countries, we have brought the best musicians together in France.  Supporting the Zodiac Music Academy and Festival is a way to sustain and grow this valuable resource in our country and in your community. Please support our mission to bring life-changing opportunities to today’s young artists and help us inspire and shape the next generation of musicians.  

Below are the different ways you can help the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival enable emerging young professional musicians the opportunity to learn from and perform with world class faculty in the South of France:


Zodiac Music Academy & Festival is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Zodiac Music Academy & Festival must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Sonata Society


  • You will provide a student with an entire day’s worth of meals made by a French chef.

  • You will receive a poster signed by the Artistic Director with a personal Thank You message.

Trio Society


  • You will cover the transportation of a student between Valdeblore and the numerous venues at which we perform for every $50 you give.

  • You will receive  the above, plus a Zodiac Trio CD signed by all three members with a personal Thank You note.

Quartet Society


  • You will provide a student with 1 hour, one-on-one lessons with a member of the Zodiac Faculty

  • You will receive  the above plus a DVD of the Festival’s closing concert with personal video messages from the scholarship receiving students

Consort Society


  • You will cover instrument rental costs for cellists, pianists, and other larger instruments

  • You will receive  the above, plus recognition as an instrument sponsor in our programs and website

Orchestra Society


  • You will provide a half to full tuition scholarship to a student of your choosing

  • You will receive  the above, plus have a Scholarship in your name

Soloist Society


  • You will provide a full tuition scholarship for a student for every $2500 you give

  • You will receive  the above, plus a private performance by the Zodiac Trio at your residence

Directors Society


  • You will support numerous students with full tuition scholarships

  • You will receive the above, plus VIP seating at the Festivals Concert, meals with the Directors and Faculty, and from stage recognition

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