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March 3, 2018: Alumni of Zodiac Festival present "THE ACOUSTIC FRONTIER" at New York's SPECTRUM

The Acoustic Frontier is a new music program designed to feature works by developing composers and rising musicians.

The Acoustic Frontier is a program meant to advocate for new music and artists alike. Although new music is constantly being created, most large orchestras and bands in the United States still primarily focus on the "standards" or "classics". The founder of The Acoustic Frontier, David Deiter, enjoys listening and playing traditional music, but wants to bring attention to the underappreciated music of the 20th and 21st century. 


David also finds that youths today, like their music, have a significantly harder time being taken seriously. To David, young artists have to fight for a chance to be heard among a growing number of established professional artists with a continuing decrease of available job opportunities. In a variety of ways, David hopes to use this program to give a space for the younger generations to be heard. Together, with like-minded peers and a supportive community, The Acoustic Frontier explores new realms of music and tests audiences' reactions without being fearful, and brings an overall awareness to the importance of the continuing support for the arts. 



David Deiter, Rebecca J. McFarland, Tim Hanley, and Mary Fortino on Clarinet; Mike McAndrew on Piano


Cody McVey- At Peace With the Darkness (2018)

For Clarinet and Piano


Yimin WU (a.k.a. Edward)- Pace (2018)

For E-flat, B-flat, and Bass Clarinet


J.R. Speake- After First (2018)

For Clarinet and Piano


Kyle Henkel- A Map of Non-exsitent Places (2018)

For Clarinet Duet

About the ZODIAC TRIO and Zodiac Summer Festival:

The Zodiac Trio - Kliment Krylovskiy, clarinet, Vanessa Mollard, violin, and Riko Higuma, piano - enjoys an international concert schedule that spans three continents and presents an eclectic repertoire that mixes contemporary with the traditional. In its relatively short history the Zodiac Trio has managed to achieve a level of recognition on the international chamber music stage, rarely bestowed upon an ensemble of such untraditional instrumentation. The ensemble formed in 2006 at Manhattan School of Music, before becoming the first American group and the only ensemble with a wind instrument to enter the esteemed Ysaÿe Quartet Chamber Music program at the Paris Superior Conservatory.

The Zodiac Music Academy & Festival is designed to provide intense musical training and performance opportunity, while exposing young musicians to French culture and its way of music-making. All this in an in-formal and highly personal setting, where students and professors share meals, perform together and become inspired by one another


About the Performers:


Michael McAndrew is a current Master's student with a double focus in Composition and Collaborative Piano, studying with Dr. Daniel Thomas Davis and Dr. Joel Harder. He obtained his B.M. in 2014 from Moravian College studying composition with Dr. Larry Lipkis and Mr. Sean O' Boyle, piano with Dr. Barbara Thompson, and collaborative piano with Mr. Graeme Burgan.


Currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, clarinetist Mary Fortino had an early start to her music career at Dreyfoos School of the Arts which lead to her studies at Eastman School of Music and the University of Michigan. 


Rebecca J. McFarland is a freelance clarinetist and music educator based in the Washington D.C. area. Rebecca earned her Master’s Degree in Clarinet Performance at the University of Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music. Previously she studied Clarinet Performance and Music Education at Virginia Tech.


Clarinetist and Music Educator,currently studies at the University of Houston while teaching and performing in the local area. He will be graduating this May with two undergraduate degrees, one in Clarinet Performance and another in Music Education. 


About the Composers:


J. R. Speake is an Alabama-born composer, arranger, and conductor. Currently J.R. studies Music Composition at The University of Alabama.


Currently a freelance composer based in Argyle, TX, Kyle E. Henkel is also a current Graduate student at Bowling Green State University. Previously, Kyle studied at the Stephen F. Austin State University in Music Composition.


Yimin WU is originally from Hong Kong where he earned his first degree from Hong Kong Baptist University. Wu (aka Edward) is now pursuing a master’s degree in music composition at Bowling Green State University. 


Cody McVey is a student in his senior year at The Boston Conservatory studying under Dr. Felipe Lara. He has written extensively for various chamber ensembles, solo performers, and large ensembles. Cody's music has been performed nationally and internationally, most recently in collaboration with this group of performers.


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