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8th season

2020 Online Edition:

July 02-14, 2020

Video of the Day:


ZODIAC FESTIVAL FINAL DAY! Closing Gala concert Live on YouTube at 5pm EST! A very special concert featuring some performances recorded exclusively for our Online Session!

Past Videos:

No upcoming events at the moment

Although all of our live events have been cancelled, the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival will keep the flame burning by presenting an ONLINE edition of its 8th season!  With DAILY VIDEO OFFERINGS, there will be CONCERTS, LIVE SEMINARS and an array of EDUCATION VIDEOS offered by our faculty. Whether you are a music student or a music lover, you are welcome to join us!  

All of our videos and events will be posted here, but you can also join us on our social media channels, below:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram


Since 2013, the Zodiac Music Festival and Academy has been elevating the careers of composers, pianists, and instrumentalists by providing unique personalized training to make the transition from their educational preparation to professional careers. The summer festival program is an experience unavailable at universities and conservatories and is considered just as important as a degree program. As artists, we rely on unique musical experiences in our formative years to inspire, guide, and shape our professional artistic careers. At the Zodiac Music Academy and Festival, we aim to be that milestone experience for emerging young artists to help them foster relationships and grow as individuals. 

If you would like to make a contribution to our scholarship fund, you can do so by clicking here. Your support - especially during these turbulent times for the artistic community - is much appreciated! 

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